We woke up early and wanted to get over the boarder around 6am when it opened. I think we rolled through about 6:30am without any problems. There was no line. An officer came in and looked around, and then left. I, being the driver, got to talk to the gate guy answering all the questions. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t matter much what you bring into Mexico….aside from certain fruits and veggies, I don’t think they care much. And certain seeds. Although, leaving Mexico would probably prove to be very different indeed.

As soon as you cross, there are beggars. I gave a banana to one who was asking for money saying he was hungry. A good rule going through boarder towns is don’t stop! And, don’t drive at night.

Wow! We are actually in Mexico. We crossed over the Boarder on the American side. Now, it’s down to Kilometer 21, which is the Mexican Boarder, where you show your paperwork, and get your tourist visas.  Again, there was no one in line but us! They did not even check the RV….just waved us through, smiling. I think it puts them off a bit to see a chick driving the RV. Which is good! I just smile and say Hola or Buenos Dias and onward we go.

Our next stop is down on the coast for our first night in Mexico, It’s a small beach town called San Carlos. We stayed at the Totonaka RV park. It was nice, and the owner spoke great English as he was from Canada. In fact, most everyone staying there was from Canada! A lot of them had been there for several months.  I met a woman named Adele. She was very nice, from Montana  on her own, with 4 cats and one dog. Her other dog had just passed away. I gave her a big hug. Adele told us the next day that there had been shootings in Guasave, which was our next destination. Aparently one of the drug lord people got arrested for being drunk. The durggies friends attacked the police to get him out…ended up killing him and 5 police officers and many more injured. It seems that they only fight with themselves and the police. The catch here for tourists is don’t get caught in the middle! We do not have fear here at all. We hold our intentions clearly, and, don’t drive at night. They are not interested in us.

We ended up staying two nights there so Owen could catch up on some work. The Beach was rocky…not much good for lying out. But, it sure was good to stop!!! And rest up a bit. We had a good drive ahead of us, about 5-6 hours, as our next stop would be at Mr. Moro Hotel and RV Resort Las Glorias, Guasave, Sinaloa.

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