Cat Morgan, Energy Medicine Healer here,  with my babe Internet Guru Owen Walcher living our dreams in Lo De Marcos, Nayurit Mexico.

Its been a very interesting  journey so far here in Mexico! Due to the increase of the vibration of the planet, everything that we have focused on creating is coming in quickly, and with ease and grace.

We had been looking for a home that we could get into, and out of the R.V. and La Parota RV Park for the summer season. It gets humid, and the rainy season starts in July.  So, living in the R.V. is not a really good idea.  We have looked at many rentals in Lo De Marcos, as well as San Pancho, La Pentia as well as Sayulita. We had also put our intentions out there that we were open to house sit.  There are many home owners here that leave for the summer, and go back to Canada or the U.S., and come back to their homes here in November and December for the winter season.

We found a couple of possibilities, but we had really set our intentions to find something affordable right on the beach. We almost rented a beautiful three bedroom home with 4 palapas and everything that you could want all done in Mexican tiles and beautiful furniture. But, it just was not on the beach! It was our second choice.

We ended up finding a lovely one bedroom villa right on the beach, and that the owners wanted to do some trade with us. The long story short is that we are going to manage their property while they are gone and live there until mid October. I am sooo excited!

The place is called Villas del Rey, and is owned by a very lovely couple named Lonnie and Stacie Ford from Washington State.

The Villas del Rey property has a house with 5 bedrooms, all with their own baths and balconies. They also have 2 large studios and 1 small studio, and a one bedroom, which is what we are in. The units are very spacious.  They also have extremely low rates, which is quite amazing. I have stayed on many properties over the years, and Villas del Rey is very nice.

The entire place is filled with paintings and sculptures that were made mostly by Lonnie, and a few by Stacie, which gives their place a special feeling.I feel very blessed indeed! And, it is exactly what we were hoping to create. How fun is that?!

And with that, we have been moving out of the RV into a one bedroom. It has really been amazing at how much storage the RV has! OMG!

Its important to get everything out and what we are not using, get wrapped up so the mold doesn’t get to it. We will button up the RV for the summer months.

On another note:
We took a full moon walk this evening, the tide was very high, spilling out onto some of the streets, smoothing out the entire beach. It was absolutely beautiful. It will be interesting to see what it’s like in the morning.

see ya on the beach!

Love and Blessings!

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