Hi everyone! Energy Medicine Healer Cat Morgan here, living in Lo De Marcos, Nayarit Mexico, with my babe Internet Guru Owen Walcher.

And, what a Easter holiday it was on the Nayarit Riveria, along with a week of fiesta, and then the mexican memorial weekend! Easter here is called Samanta Santa, and it is a huge holiday for the mexican peoples. The beaches were packed with families and folks selling their wares and lots of delicious food and fruit drinks. We bought a new umbrella and a hand made woven mat for the beach. The kids were playing in the ocean, and you could hear all of the little girls screaming as the waves came in. I guess all little girls scream in all countries! It was pretty crazy until all hours of the evening, and into the wee hours of the morning. Earplugs are a beautiful thing! It was a lot of fun, and I wished I knew how to speak spanish a lot better.

However, now that the holidays are over, the beaches are empty, save for about 10 people…..and the surf is really up!! The surfers are having a blast, and I can’t wait to take some lessons. I have been scouting it out in a couple of different places, and checking out prices on surf boards…which are about as pricey as new snowboards! There are a few good beaches to surf at around here, one, being here in Lo De Marcos, and one in Sayulita, and another in San Francisco…or also know as San Pancho.

So, for the hotter summer months, which, is also the rainy season, we are quite content having the beach to ourselves! :)

We have been meeting some new friends, American and Canadian. Its nice to have new friends that speak english. Not to negate our new hispanic friends, and in Sayulita and San Pancho, just about everyone speaks english!

We have been looking for a home to rent, or perhaps do some house sitting in the area to get out of the R.V. for awhile. We do love staying at La Parota R.V. Park, but a home will be good for a bit.

Things are looking up, and I am really loving the heart felt energies of Mexsico. It has been taking me a bit to ground here, however!

We do love it here on the Nayarit Riveria. I think that we shall call it home for now!

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  1. Hi Cat – excited to hear you and the Guru have decided to pause your roaming here in Nayarit, and to “call it home for now”. Like you, Pam and I have synchronized to the vibes in this area. We love it! Not going back…

    And, like you, we are so glad Semana Santa has passed. Serenity has returned to San Pancho! So thankful for those earplugs, although they most likely got more use there in Lo de Marcos. Thankfully, San Pancho doesn’t get as much of the crazy crowds. But the malecon was full of campers for the week… with a stage, live music, and lots of dancing on the playa. It was all pretty chill this year. Pam and I joined the festivities one night with Geno, and life was GOOD!

    Surf is UP! Is that your new board? I’m seeing a slight SW ground swell, and the left at the point here in San Pancho is looking good. The weekend wave warriors were out in full force this weekend. Hopefully it will pick up. Go get WET!

    Let’s get the Jeeps out into the jungles for some tropical off-road excursions. There’s lots of wildlife in the jungle canopy, and lots of unique photo ops. Makes for some good tales on your blog, too!

    Hasta luego!

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