So, off we go to stay on schedule for Mazatlan. The roads have lots of holes in them, so I am busy looking right in front of me practically while I’m driving, and Owen is deciphering the signs, being a great navigator, and doing the math as I get use to Kilometers for miles and speed. There are a lot of trucks on the road. The big rigs really push me around as they wiz by. I like to drive. Owen and I make a good team.

So, I guess it’s about 6 hours of driving or so. We are on interstate 15…the new toll road.  Very funny! I can only imagine other roads at this point! And, I am soon to find out, as we turn off towards Las Glorias driving down past the farms and down to the beach. It was very slow going. But in divine order indeed!  On our route there were women out selling tomatoes. We stopped of course, and bought a big bag of them for 90 cents. They were Delicious!

When we got to Mr. Moro, there was only one other RV there! So, we parked close to the ocean in a prime spot! How lucky! We met the guy in the other RV, his name was Rod from Indiana.  He was on his own, and traveled on vacation to Mexico every year. We both ended up staying for two days. Owen went to chat with him, and found out he was a naturist! (likes to run around nude)Like us!

So, that was great! And there was nobody there except a few workers. We had dinner with Rod the both nights we were there. They served a pretty good dinner there too!Lots of fish (pescada) and shrimp (camerones).  Yummy!

We had a great night sleep that first night, and got up with intentions of washing Bertha. She needed it badly.

And so we did. Naked. It was great! Our first day of real sunshine. We both got a bit burned!…especially the back side ….owens was a tad worse I think! But it was great to have Bertha all clean!! And, then for a swim in the pool. AHHHH! How refreshing!

Another good nights sleep, and we were off on the journey the next morning.

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