Travel days seem to have a bit more tension energy around them. There is a lot to pay attention to, and especially because the maps do not have all of the roads on them…and the GPS is basically useless to use when you get turned around, telling you to turn up one way roads etc.  And, so, we got turned around a couple of times, of course! The smaller towns are packed and very tight roads. Thank goodness that “I’m an excellent driver” !  (even though Owen had to look behind us on the right side when changing lanes!!)

We actually had to take the jeep off once to get out of the small streets!  I ended up talking to a young guy on a bicycle that ended up riding his bike in front of us to show us the way out! This is how nice everyone is! And, then he spoke to an older guy, and he gave us better directions, and faster and better route. He did not want anything from us…but I gave him a pepsi, which he very much liked, and Owen gave him 50 pesos, which I am sure he was happy about, being out of work. He said that work was hard to find right now.

Okay, so we got turned around again! This time, not so bad. The sun was beginning to set, and we needed to get to where we were going. No driving at night in Mexico. The roads have too many large potholes, and crazy drivers indeed! And, there are lots of horses, cows, and lord knows what else wandering around and into the street!

However, I have a lot of perseverance, and I hang onto the steering wheel and drive us right to Lo De Marcos, backing the RV into its spot just as it turns completely dark.

You do not want to drive at night.

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