Energy Medicine Healer Cat Morgan here to let you know that you can really pack a lot of stuff in a 34 ft class A motorhome!

 We finally found the perfect spot right on the beach in beautiful Lo De Marcos! It is exactly what we were trying to manifest for ourselves. The unit that we are in is a one bedroom with a full kitchen. Who would think that a 34 foot RV would have more room? It really does have a lot of storage. I will be packing it a lot differently when we load up again. We were thinking about going on down the to Maya Riviera in the winter. We shall see what unfolds this summer.

I suppose as a RVer, one is always unloading and loading up again. We are always trying to find a better way to pack things together! And, for such a small place, it is really amazing how many things I have lost in the RV, thinking….what’s up with this? How hard could it be to find something? Well, it is truly amazing what you misplace, and where you finally find it. :) Usually, I have already just about torn the place apart looking for things, thinking, okay, I guess it just walked away by itself! And, then Owen, my lovely internet guru, will look in one place and find it…thanks Owen!

It is nice to see everything that we have brought with us. We knew what we had with us, and we have found out that we probably over-packed a bit, but now that we can see what we have, especially all of the food products, and it will be so much easier to use it up now.

So, this last week has been moving week, and I for one am happy that it is done!

We have summerized the RV by spraying the bottom with oil, so the sea air doesn’t rust it away, putting a long tarp over the entire length so the summer rains can drain right off, and tow more tarps, one on each end, adding more protection. We are also putting in these natural moisture control cups. They have a type of clay litter that absorbes moisture really well, and drips the water out the bottom into a cup. This helps with the prevention of mold growing, which I hear grows on everything if you are not careful. Just about all of the prevention right on the water is all about rust and mold.

Happy summer here we come! Here is another lovely sunset, ending the day with beautiful color and blessings.

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