Hi All!

Cat Morgan here, coming to you from the Riviera Nayarit, in Lo de Marcos, Mexico.

As an energy medicine healer, every day is interesting. And, today was no exception.

It rains a lot in the summertime here  in Mexico, usually in the evenings, and most days are  sunny all day. Unless, of course there is a big storm moving through. And, last evening the rain was on schedule.

This morning I went upstairs to the office  to open windows and air out the unit. I opened the door to find a hummingbird behind the door. At first I thought that it was a big bug, (they definitely  have them here in Mexico!), but to my surprise, it was a hummingbird! At first I thought that it was dead, but then it gave a couple of hummingbird squeaks, and I knew it was still alive. It felt as if  she was letting me know..I’m not dead yet!…She was not moving, and  barely breathing.  I slid her on a piece of paper, not sure if hummingbirds can bite or not.  She was looking pretty beat up, and I still was unsure how she had gotten in.

So, I set her on my lap and started doing some energy work on this little gal.  I first started with some basic and very gentle unruffling and clearing work. I know that birds have a very high metabolism, especially hummingbirds, so I wanted to be very gentle with this healing work. I then I did some Hoponno-pono work at the same time. This work comes from the heart, and is simple. You simply say with intention: I love you, I’m sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You.  So, while I was unruffling and clearing, I was using this work at the same time.
With-in minutes (about 4)  she started to pick up her little head and tried to flap her wings. This was a good sign of nothing broken like her neck or wings.  So I kept working, and I also started to gently blow violet light into her.

After about 15 minutes, she was doing great, but not ready to fly yet. So, I took her in my hands and brought her down stairs to the house. I held her and loved her,  and continued the energy work and the breath work. Soon,  she was standing on her feet, flapping her wings, but still could not fly.  But at least at that point she was standing on her very, very tiny feet and holding her own.  I then realized that she needed some food. Hummingbirds use an incredible amount of energy. So, I got some organic unbleached sugar out and put some in a spoon with water. She would not drink from the spoon, so I put some on my finger, and an amazing thing happened. She started to lick my finger! I never knew that they had tongues.  And, they are very long indeed! Her tongue was almost see through and so very small.  It was sooo cool.

Owen came out and took a video, and after some of licking up the sugar water, she was able to fly over to a window, and hung out for a bit. I tried to see if she needed more sugar, but she flew to the fence hung out there for about 20 more minutes, and then she flew away!

Fast Tube by Casper

She had a rough night, and lost a few feathers, but she is now back on her journey called life.

It opened my heart, and really made my day!

ENERGY WORKS!  and as I always say…There’s Proof in the Puddin!

Another beautiful day living on the Riviera Nayarit in Lo de Marcos, Mexico!

See ya on the Beach!

Kitty-Cat Morgan

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